Monday, November 18, 2013

The Utah Provo Mission

Hey Amigos e Familia, 

There is really no way to explain how a mission flies by so fast. All I know is that the busier you are, more you realize that fact, and this week I felt like I didn't have a moment to stop and breathe, but that's how a mission should be right??

We had a Zone Conference this last week and we heard a lot of cool insight from our Mission President. One thing he stressed is making sure other people know "why". Why we want to teach them. Why they should be baptized, why the gospel is so important. It reminded me that as full-time missionaries and member missionaries, when we invite people to church, mutual, to be baptized, etc. We should always tell them "why". If our friends know that we want them to enjoy the same blessings and happiness as us and if they know that how much you have been blessed, the wouldn't take your invitations so lightly. If that makes sense. 

In this e-mail I included some cool sunset pictures that I was able to witness here in Spanish Fork. I like to think that God paints the skies each night and showcases them where everyone can see them. So in other words, sunsets remind me of him, so I take lots of pictures of them. 

I'll share more experiences next week. I don't even have time to start this week haha.

Take care, have an awesome week! I love you guys! 

-Elder Sellers

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