Monday, October 14, 2013

Things Are Looking Up!

So I don't want to make this too long, but yesterday was a sweet day, we spoke in one of the primaries in Mapleton about missionary work because that is their theme for the month. Also, we went to a sacrament meeting at 1 pm hoping to see our 1 progressing investigator (Mapleton is 98% LDS, so that's not too bad haha)...Anyways, we chose to go to that sacrament meeting even though there were a lot of other options we had. Just after we sat down, a woman came and introduced us to her 88 year old father who has been investigating the church in another state, but he just recently moved to live with them in Mapleton. We met him and we're setting up a lesson with him soon. that's another investigator!

Then last night we stopped by Brian's house. Brian is the only non-member in his family and we've tried to contact him for over a month now, when we had dinner with his family, but we didn't feel that it was the right time to talk to him about hearing the discussions. I've been praying about him for weeks now and all day I fasted for him that "his heart would be softened and that we'd be able to contact him soon". Before we pull up to his house, we decided to say a prayer, afterwards we saw that all of the lights in his house were on and so things were looking up. We knock on the door and Brian answers. He invites us in and we started visiting with him. We found out that their family had just gotten back from their 4 day trip to Disneyland an hour before. Also, his whole family was busy unpacking or resting, so the setting was perfect to ask him about teaching him, but we didn't get to........because he basically asked us to teach him! At some point in the conversation he told us about how he isn't a member and is still learning about what he believes, he also told us that he came from an anti-mormon family, but he took everything negative that they heard about the church with a grain of salt, (A big grain of salt!). I asked him if he wanted to hear the discussions so he could learn more. He said yeah! We scheduled to teach him this Saturday, but not after having a discussion about the atonement. He already believes in a large part of the Plan of Salvation. Anyways, Brian is the first new investigator we have had since I got here 4 weeks ago. That's big news! I'm so grateful that my prayers were answered and I my testimony of fasting has never been stronger. If we really need something from our Heavenly Father, fast and for it. The timing, the setting, the words that were put in our mouths couldn't have been our own. We weren't even planning on stopping by that night because we we called him twice that day. It was all one big miracle for us and a huge testimony builder that God is really involved in His work.

This wasn't short haha, but I was too excited about it to not write all about it. I love this work. I love this mission. I love being a missionary! 

Also.... I love you all! and would love to hear from you!

You're e-mails always pick me up. 

Have a great week!

Love, Elder Sellers

PS: I may be going to the BYU...Boise State game...

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